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Starnieuws – Jhakry wil strafrechtelijk onderzoek uitgifte deel Stalweide

Jhakry wil strafrechtelijk onderzoek uitgifte deel Stalweide

Afbeelding: Starnieuws – 02 Nov, 01:56
Bericht: Jhakry wil strafrechtelijk onderzoek uitgifte deel Stalweide
Bron: Starnieuws
Publicatiedatum: 02 Nov, 01:56

Title: Controversy Surrounds Allocation of 200 Hectares of Public Land in Nickerie

A recent revelation of the allocation of approximately 200 hectares of public land in Nickerie, which includes the Stalweide area, has sparked a heated debate. As a result, Assembly Member Nisha Jhakry from the VHP has expressed her strong dissatisfaction with this decision. The land in question has been granted to the Radjie Rice Industry Foundation for agricultural purposes, with a lease term of 40 years. Jhakry, along with fellow Assembly Members from Nickerie, intends to request the Prosecutor General to initiate a criminal investigation into the matter.

Jhakry’s impassioned response reflects the concerns raised by the allocation of this significant parcel of land in Nickerie, a district known for its agricultural significance. In her conversation with Starnieuws, she emphasized that this situation cannot be allowed to persist any longer, stating, “This has gone far enough.” She questions the competence and integrity of the land inspector responsible for advising on this decision, exclaiming, “Which blind land inspector or which fool prepared these recommendations? Didn’t he see the cows there?” Furthermore, she draws attention to a broader issue by pointing out that even sections of the Corantijn River are being handed over for various purposes. This includes the maintenance strip and protective areas along the river in Nickerie.

The sudden transformation of the land’s designated use has not gone unnoticed. Jhakry highlights the change in purpose from natural reserve areas to agricultural land, which she believes requires a thorough review. She asserts, “No, this cannot simply be accepted in Nickerie. We will not accept this. And if heads must roll, then so be it.” Jhakry’s frustration is palpable as she underscores the District Commissioner’s purported lack of awareness about these developments.

The controversy surrounding the allocation of land in Nickerie raises serious questions about the transparency and due process in land management and allocation. The fact that a mortgage has reportedly been placed on the property adds an additional layer of complexity to the situation.

It is essential to examine the circumstances that led to this allocation and to address the concerns raised by Assembly Member Jhakry and others. This controversy highlights the need for a thorough investigation into the decision-making process and the individuals involved.

The allocation of public land carries significant implications for the district of Nickerie, as well as the broader implications for the management of Suriname’s natural resources. The land, originally designated for the Stalweide area, has historical and environmental value, and any change in its use should be carefully considered and transparently executed.

As the controversy unfolds, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that all parties involved are held accountable and that the allocation of public land aligns with the best interests of the community and the nation as a whole.

The concerns raised by Jhakry and her colleagues reflect the broader need for vigilance and transparency in the management of public resources and land. Land allocation decisions can have far-reaching consequences, and it is essential to maintain the integrity of the process.

The initiation of a criminal investigation, as proposed by Jhakry, signifies a commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that public land is allocated and managed responsibly. The outcome of such an investigation will shed light on the decision-making process and provide clarity on whether the allocation of land in Nickerie aligns with legal and ethical standards.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the allocation of 200 hectares of public land in Nickerie serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency, accountability, and due process in the management of natural resources. The decision to grant land for agricultural use in place of its original designation raises important questions that merit a comprehensive investigation. Ultimately, the resolution of this matter will not only impact Nickerie but also set a precedent for responsible land management in Suriname.

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