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Starnieuws – Deel vakbeweging maakt zich klaar voor acties

Deel vakbeweging maakt zich klaar voor acties

Afbeelding: Starnieuws – 02 Nov, 00:00
Bericht: Deel vakbeweging maakt zich klaar voor acties
Bron: Starnieuws
Publicatiedatum: 02 Nov, 00:00

Title: Labor Unions in Suriname Take Action to Protest VAT Increase and Unfulfilled Agreements

In Suriname, the Confederation of Labor Unions (COL) is making it clear that they have grown impatient with prolonged negotiations and are gearing up for action. Hendrik Jamaloodin, a COL board member, has stated that it’s time to stop talking and start taking action. The labor movement is frustrated with the government for not adhering to agreements regarding the postponement of a value-added tax (VAT) increase and the exploration of alternative sources of revenue. The message is clear: “We won’t engage in lengthy discussions; we will demonstrate,” declares labor leader Hendrik Jamaloodin.

A significant meeting has been scheduled for this Friday, where various trade unions, especially those representing healthcare and security services, are being called upon to participate en masse. The objective is to decide on the best course of action to pressure the government into rolling back the increased VAT on essential services such as utilities, fuel, electricity, gas, and water.

The COL has expressed its frustration during a press conference at its headquarters, highlighting the government’s repeated failure to honor its commitments. COL Chairman Robby Berenstein explains that an agreement was reached to postpone the VAT increase until November 1st. During this period, a committee would work on finding ways to mitigate the impact of the increase. This could include adjusting tax brackets, collecting taxes from certain sectors exempt from VAT, or exempting essential goods from the tax.

According to Berenstein and Jamaloodin, these issues have also been approached from legal and technical perspectives to minimize potential problems. The government has been criticized for remaining silent despite the COL’s insistence on finding alternative solutions.

The President finally sent a letter on the evening of October 31st. However, the COL believes that this letter is riddled with inaccuracies and attempts to shift the blame for the continued VAT increase onto the committee. The letter alleges that a 50-page report with potential solutions has caused delays. Furthermore, the unions have been assured that the VAT increase is not being implemented surreptitiously.

In response to the President’s letter, the COL will be sending a written response. This Friday, a meeting of collaborating organizations will take place at the Confederation of Labor Unions. The focus will be on deciding the next steps, with Jamaloodin hinting at the possibility of demonstrations. The unions are calling for a strong show of force, intending to make the government understand their determination. “If the government doesn’t want to listen, they will have to feel the consequences,” Jamaloodin emphasizes.

The planned gathering is set for 9 am on Friday, signaling the unions’ unwavering commitment to their cause. They are determined to make their voices heard and demonstrate their unity and resolve. The Surinamese labor unions are taking a stand against what they perceive as unfulfilled promises and unfavorable tax policies, showing their determination to seek change and advocate for their members’ interests.

The ongoing discussions between the government and labor unions highlight the importance of effective communication, transparency, and collaboration in addressing complex economic and social issues. As the Surinamese labor movement gears up for action, the outcome of their efforts will be closely watched to see how it may impact the country’s economic policies and the well-being of its citizens.

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